Lab opening May 1

We are excited to open our doors and break in the new pipettes!

Greg awarded SURE fellowship!

Greg Kimmerer, Extraordinary Undergraduate, was awarded an Emory SURE fellowship to work in the lab over the summer. Greg is interested in how cis-elements participate in establishing vs. maintaining transcription factor recruitment. Good job, Greg!

Seeking experienced technician

You: A PhD/postdoctoral/post-postdoctoral level scientist who would rather be 100% in the lab than pursue the PI track. You have molecular biology and genetics experience, possibly even Drosophila experience. You enjoy mentoring and are highly organized.

Me: New PI who knows the value of strong support. I can guarantee a competitive salary and benefits for up to 4 years.

Position would begin summer, 2019 (flexible) and include laboratory organization/ordering, student mentoring, independent research and the opportunity to publish. Hours are flexible. Ideally this position would be long-term but depends on funding availability.

Please contact me through the submission form.

7/23: Talk at SDB in Portland, OR

The Society for Developmental Biology annual meeting in Portland, OR

I'll be giving a short talk during the Monday morning session "Development and the Nucleus." My talk, titled "Dynamic identification of the dosage-compensated Drosophila male X-chromosome during early embryogenesis," showcases some of the precision genomic work I've done during my postdoc with Erica Larschan at Brown.

Hiring: postdoctoral researcher

I am specifically seeking a postdoctoral researcher to begin in summer 2019 (start date flexible). Molecular biology experience is required, Drosophila experience a plus. Help shape my brand new lab from the ground-up and observe what it's like to be a new PI!

I am supportive of diverse career goals and a balanced lifestyle.

If interested, please contact me! Please include: 1. Why you are interested in joining my lab; 2. How your research interests align with mine; 3. Your relevant skills for joining a new lab.


April 2019: Starting at Emory!

I am excited to announce that I will open my lab in the Biology Department at Emory University in April 2019. If you are interested in joining me, I am seeking researchers at all levels! Please contact me.